We’re one month away from season 2 of AMC‘s The Walking Dead spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead. The newest trailer shows Travis and the gang fending off the undead both on land and in the ocean. A large portion of the second season will take place on the yacht found in the finale of season one, according to show runner Dave Erickson.

First of all, getting to the yacht is going to be something of a challenge. And then the question becomes: Once we get to it, which way is it going to go? And we will discover that we were not the only ones with this bright idea. There are a lot of boats up and down the coastline of Southern California. So it will become very interesting when we get to see and discover that we’re not the only vessels out there, and there may be others that are covetous of what we have, which will have certain features that will be enviable to people that are trying to escape the zombie hordes.

Did someone say zombie pirates? Sign us up.

Fear The Walking Dead returns Sunday, April 10th on AMC.