March is Women’s History Month and this year, HERSource will be putting several initiatives in place to highlight, honor and educate on some of the many things women have to done to impact our country’s legacy across multiple industries including  music, education, technology, film and television, science and business.

Women’s History Month in its earliest stages in the United States dates back to 1911. The celebration began as Women’s History Day, before expanding to a full week by way of President Jimmy Carter in 1980 and then finally blossoming into a full month declared by Congress in 1987. While we as women celebrate all that we are on a daily basis, the painful truth is the laundry list of contributions women have made to history are often unacknowledged, unrecognized and under valued.

In Hip Hop and music in general, women have consistently maintained a dominate presence that makes it impossible not to highlight. The arts and entertainment industry has a rich history of women setting the non gender-based standard for excellence while shattering any glass ceilings thought to have limited our potential in the process. During this month and every month, HERSource looks forward to giving you a crash course on all of the ways that our many sheroes continuously shatter society’s often distorted perception that women are somehow not equally as vital to the industry’s forward progress as their male counterparts.

As we do every week, HERSource presents series like “HERSource Heroine” (spotlighting women who are advocates for causes and their communities), “Miss-Understood” (a column on controversial or sensitive topics that affect women, especially women of color), “World Wide Woman” (a highlight of international talent) and “Sports Sundays” where we tribute athletes of the past and present. For #WHM, we’ve added additional profiles on First Lady Michelle Obama, a “Digital Divas” series celebrating women of color who’ve made strides online, a focus on the “Femcee,” the art to sneaker shopping for ladies and much more.

Join us as we bring you little known facts, historic moments and new achievements on the horizon in honor of Women’s History Month 2016.