Paul George, who has made the miraculous comeback from his gruesome leg break in the summer of 2014, is uncertain about attempting the jump into the 2016 Olympic games this year. George, who is on the 31 man roster that has to be trimmed to 12 players before Rio, says his body may not allow him to participate in making the final roster.

From Yahoo! Sports

George has played in all 53 regular-season games for a Pacers team that is expected to make the playoffs. He is also a member of USA Basketball’s 31-man roster that has to be trimmed to 12 before the 2016 Rio Olympics. While USA Basketball executive director Jerry Colangelo has promised George a roster spot, George said his body might not allow him to take the trip to Brazil.

“I had a long year,” George told Yahoo Sports. “This has been a long year coming from rehab. I just know how my body has taken these first 50-plus games, not knowing what these playoffs are going to do to my body. So there is a decision coming at the end of the year, is the smart thing to continue on or take a little bit of time for some rest and let my body heal?”

Because this is George’s first full season in two years, he’s slightly behind the curve in where his body should be to embrace the rigors of an NBA season. When you factor that reasoning in with a potential deep playoff run and the possible thought of re-injuring his leg in his mind, it’s hard not to understand George’s logic at the moment.