The Center for Disease Control (CDC) wants sexually active women of child-bearing age who enjoy drinking to think about their future unborn babies.

The CDC, who has longed warned of the consequences of drinking while pregnant, took their advice a step further, advising women who aren’t even pregnant to hold off on the cocktails – in case they get pregnant accidentally. The recommendation would affect approximately 3.3 million women, who are not on birth control, between ages 15 to 44 who are at risk of exposing a developing fetus to alcohol due to drinking.

The government agency explained their reasoning behind their advice, which sparked public outcry on social media on Tuesday:

“About half of all US pregnancies are unplanned and, even if planned, most women do not know they are pregnant until they are 4-6 weeks into the pregnancy.
This means a woman might be drinking and exposing her developing baby to alcohol without knowing it.”

Wendy Kline, author of Bodies of Knowledge: Sexuality, Reproduction, and Women’s Health in the Second Wave says, “It’s shaming and blaming. The suggestion is that our first priority should be as potential mothers rather than as individuals who have our own rights and sense of identity outside of being a mother.”

What’s noticeably missing from the CDC’s new recommendation is men are completely left out, inciting a huge double standard, when studies show excessive alcohol usage can affect sperm count.

What do you think? Is the CDC shaming women for their drinking habits?

Photo credit: Getty Images