Man Gets Shot in the Chest, Smokes Cigarette, Remains Unbothered

This is Devon. Devon is from Chestnut, Illinois, and prior to this interview, someone stormed into his house and shot him in the chest, and he thankfully pulled through. Not only did he pull through, he has the most serene attitude–probably ever–of someone who’s just had a hole blown in his chest by an anonymous foe.

In the above interview clip, Devon speaks with a news reporter from KHQA while smoking a cigarette, and explains just what happened.

You know, I’m in the room chilling, kicking like I usually do–drinking–then somebody shot right through my back window, hit me in the chest…and I’m like, ‘S**t, get my son out the room.’ I wasn’t even trippin’ over it. It’s like a little petty wound, you know? I ain’t even trippin’ tho.

Amazing. When asked about who would do something like that, Devon says “n****s might want me dead on some other sh*t,” which is, given the circumstances, a safe assessment.