A lot of people aren’t naturally early risers, but those who are seem to get a lot more out of their day by starting it early. While it’s impossible to add more hours to the day, it is possible to better manage the 24 you’re given. You’re an adult, and since nobody’s around to pull back the covers and drag you out of bed, here are some ways to get your body into an early morning rhythm.

1. Plan Your Day the Night Before: Create a “To-Do” list; things you already know you need to accomplish for the following day. It’ll help you see how much time you need to spend getting work done, and you can determine how much time can be spent doing each task. It’s all about time management.

2. Have Outfits Ready: It’s one thing to roll out of bed at the last minute, but it’s another to look like you just rolled out of bed. When you have outfit choices already put together, it saves you time in the morning for the days you wake up with 10 minutes to get to an appointment or work.

3. Schedule Appointments Earlier: Make your meetings or appointments for earlier in the morning. Having a commitment will make getting up much easier than simply wanting to get up earlier. So the next time you want to get a workout in, read a few chapters of a book, or journal daily, spring for the earlier hours of the morning.

4. Set Your Alarm Earlier: If you’re always hitting the snooze button, set your alarm hours in advance. The constant ringing and hitting snooze will eventually knock you out of drifting to sleep.

5. Turn On The Lights: Light will stimulate the senses and will bring you out of the dark REM sleep cycle you’re in, and also give you a boost of energy for the day. Lights helps your biological clock tick! So when you wake up, turn on the lights; this will get you started for the day and soon you’ll learn to wake up as soon as you flip the switch, or wake up with the rising of the sun.