Tina Lawson (Knowles) is the mother of two of the most amazingly talented women in the entertainment industry, and she recently graced us with her presence on Instagram. Mama Knowles has been “doing it for the Gram” for a few months now, and she’s racked up 158k followers, so if you aren’t following Beyonce’s mom yet, you should be. Here are five reasons why you should be follow Tina Knowles, or @MsTinaLawson on Instagram.

  1. Today is her birthday ! After you follow Ms. Tina, wish her a Happy 62nd Birthday. 
  2. To see posts of her and her new hubby (Richard Lawson). These two newlyweds are very open with showing love for each other on social media. t2
  3. Every now and then Beyonce’ makes a cameo. t3
  4. She has no problem with doing a little stunting. t5

She’s just like the rest of us: she takes trips to Costco, and cooks meals that look amazing. t6 t7