Former Washington Redskins defensive end Dexter Manley was recently on air at CBS station WUSA discussing mobile quarterbacks in NFL, which includes the Carolina Panthers Cam Newton and Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson, both of whom have had MVP worthy seasons and are currently in the playoffs. Normally, former players serve as analysts who can break down the game from a X’s and O’s point of view but in an attempt to explain the advantages of a running QB, Manley made a joke about black QBs that definitely brought some tension to the room.

Most of the black quarterbacks, they like running, because they’re probably used to running from the law.

Aside from the fact that Manley is too a Black man, what makes his comments all the more awkward is that he played alongside Doug Williams, the first Black quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl back in the 1980s with the Washington Redskins. The only QB to achieve that since then is the Seahawks Russell Wilson back in 2014.

He quickly apologized for his remarks.