NFL Insider Mike Garofalo told Fox Sports 1’s Colin Cowherd that on Monday, the Giants head coach Tom Coughlin could be resigning.

“A lot of people are talking as if it’s an inevitability that on Monday he is going to resign. I am hearing that from a lot of people,” said Garofalo about Coughlin. Garofalo is FS1’s NFL Insider.

If that happens, Coughlin’s departure will come at the tail end of a successful tenure as head coach of the Giants. After taking over the team in 2004, Coughlin lead the Giants to two Superbowl championships in 2007 and 2011, beating the Patriots both times, and the former championship ruined the Pats chance at the first 19-0 season in NFL history. The Giants are actually the only team to defeat the Patriots in the Superbowl in the Tom Brady era, which is a stat in itself that Coughlin should be proud of.

Unfortunately, since 2011, the Giants have been middling at best, receiving inconsistent performances from their franchise QB Eli Manning, constantly changing defensive personal and staffing, and injuries to their best player, former All-Pro wide receiver Victor Cruz, who has since involuntarily surrendered his #1 position to record-breaking Odell Beckham Jr.