In her last wowing moment of 2015, 23 year old seductive pop star and daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, has decided to go topless on the cover of Plastik Magazine.

The photos of the cover, which were blasted via the publication’s social media, shows Miley Cyrus wearing dessert-like pasties, leaving very little to the imagination. The photos show Miley with her arms behind as her eyes are rolling into the back of her head, looking directly into the camera while sitting naked next to a suited man, in a room covered in pink goo and appearing to stuff a long rope made of plastic into her mouth.

The singer most recently stripped down for the cover of Candy in late November, playing with sex toys for the photo taken by controversial photographer Terry Richardson. In that photo series, the artist was sucking on police batons and bending down to put a dildo in her mouth, as well as smoking from a blunt.