I know we’ve all witnessed people who suffer from edge loss due to weaves and braids pulling at their hair follicles. Hair loss is very personal. It can impact every facet of your life — most importantly, how you feel about yourself.

The Harklinikken hair regrowth treatment, based on a customized Extract, has been proven effective in both androgenetic and physiological hair loss treatment. Scientific results of actual clients demonstrate measurable hair density improvement over the course of treatment. Clients typically find the Harklinikken hair treatment program after trying nearly everything else: Rogaine or Minoxidil 2-5 %, Propecia, hair laser treatment, food supplements for hair, hair extensions, you name it. Some are skeptical at first, and we understand. We encourage you to educate yourself and hear from others that have been in your situation.

Is it possible to regrow hair that has been lost from weaves/extensions?

In cases of severe thinning from weaves/extensions, it can be difficult to get the hair back, as the constant pull in the follicles results in an irreversible type of hair loss called scarring alopecia. However, I have very good experience with several less severe conditions caused by the use of hair extensions/weaves, where a permanent scar is not yet present in the hair follicles. With the right customized Harklinikken Extract treatment, the hair can grow back (partly or fully), depending on the severity.

What is the percentage of hair that people can expect to see if they are approved for treatment and use the Extract?

The average percentage of improvement ranges from 30 – 70 %

What is it about weaves/extensions that makes original hair fall out and what does the Extract do do remedy this?

It is the constant pull in the hair follicles from the hair extension/weave that results in scarring alopecia (hair loss caused by scars in hair follicles). Initially there will be a small bleeding in the follicle, resulting in an inflammatory condition and later a scar in the hair follicle. Hair is not meant to be pulled very hard. If it is pulled back in a ponytail or put up, make sure this is done without putting constant strain on the hair.

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