Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie quarterback Jameis Winston had quite a bit of controversy surrounding him before entering the NFL. During his final season with the Florida State Seminoles, Winston was under investigation for sexual assault, that was eventually dismissed. He was also taken to task by the media for yelling an obscene joke at a school facility and lets not forget the now infamous crab legs incident. While still a seminole, the QB visited a Publix and walked out with some crab legs without paying for them, leading him to be arrested and charged with shoplifting.

This sparked much debate in regards to Winston’s character, given he had already been under the microscope for other allegations. Now, whether or not he was hooked up by an employee or purposely shoplifted the crab legs is still up for debate, but what is for certain is that Jameis Winston and crab legs will forever be synonymous. After being drafted by the Buccaneers, the QB famously posted a picture online chowing down on some crab legs, which ruffled a few feathers.

A fan bumped into Winston at a local Publix this past Sunday (December 13) and you guessed it, he was purchasing some crab legs. Given that the attire he had on matched what he was wearing during his post game press conference, this is most likely right after the Buccs 24-17 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

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