Just in case you need another way to insert to ‘bae’ into your lexicon, a new dating app has been created by three Black entrepreneurs called Bae: Before Anyone Else, specifically catering to people of color.

While there are plenty of dating apps out there right now (Tinder, SoulSwipe, Grindr etc), Bae hopes to change the online/on-the-phone dating game by specifically curating a list of users with similar interests and experiences. Instead of having to filter through every profile yourself, Bae only shows you profiles that meet the standards you set. It also promises to not be a big marketing scheme, offering unlimited access to the profiles of your matches.

Created by Brian Gerrad, Justin Gerrad, and Jordan Kunzika, a group of scholars, software engineers and tech enthusiasts, Bae hopes to not only encourage interacting online but also in real life, holding events and meet-ups for their community to fellowship at.