Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been in the headlines very heavily since announcing that he would be running for the job of commander in chief. Many of the headlines have been mixed though, considering that Trump made some rather offensive remarks towards latinos, specifically Mexicans.

Trump highlighted that as President, immigration would be one of the main points of contention he would address. Namely, he would plan mass deportation and building a giant border wall. He even went as far as to name Mexicans “rapists.” Of course they did not go over so well amongst latinos.

Today, an activist group known as offered $5,000 to anyone would interrupt The Donald as he hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend. The group has clear guidelines though, stating that whom ever takes them up on the offer should be heard clearly on-air shouting “Trump is a racist” or “deport racism” and be mentioned by name in the media. Furthermore, if several people participate, they will split the money amongst them.

On their website:

NBC has invited Donald Trump to be the host of Saturday Night Live on November 7th despite outcry from the Latino community and supporters of equality that giving Trump a platform on the hit comedy show sends the wrong message that his offensive and racist comments about Latinos and Mexicans are acceptable. … Let’s show the world that attacking brown people is not the way to win the White House.

As much as it may seem that this would be a troubling issue for Lorne Michaels and the folks over at SNL, this might actually draw more viewers to the program which as been steadily declining in the ratings over the past few years.

Rocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)