Rapsody has for a long time, been one of the most underrated emcees. Not just underrated female emcee, emcee period. Here are a few gems some of us have slept on that deserve a rerun.

“A Crush Groove”
Rapsody puts it all on the line is this smooth, 9th Wonder produced ode to her crush. The groove is so smooth that she inevitably, woos her beau. This track should have way more views.



“Ballin Hot”
Featuring Kooley High member, Tab One and Khrysis on the 1’s and 2’s – “Ballin Hot” is undoubtedly one of the standout tracks of The Black Mamba. Rapsody over a Khrysis heat always equates to extreme dopeness. The R Kellz sample is fire too.



Rapsody and Rah Digga on a track PLUS a Lauryn Hill sample… Nuff said! “Win” is taken from Rapsody’s EP, Return Of The B-Girl.



“Leave Me ‘Lone”
Another dope track from The Black Mamba. If it ain’t about positivity Raps wants to be left on her lonesome. 9th provides the soulful production.



“All Black Everything”
The illest Rapsody track of all time. Not really a slept on track but this anthem of Black Love and Empowerment deserves as many reruns as is humanly possibly…Seriously.