Men can no longer be dismissive of certain ‘chick things’ anymore because plenty are doing it themselves – A LOT. A FUN look at some of them.


Gossiping – ‘The Chatty Patty’ Syndrome


When Dame Dash coined the phrase “Chatty Patty”, we all thought it was hilarious but he did raise a very valid point. Not too long ago, gossiping was considered a feminine trait. An activity solely for the fairer sex to partake in during their weekly knitting circle meetings, or whatever it is us girls do when we’re all together. Not anymore. Thanks to social media, you can witness thousands of examples a day of guys who appear to have mastered the art of gossiping and taken it to new heights. A prime example of this can be seen in pretty much every reality television show going. Not only are dudes now happy to spill all of their innermost secrets, but they also have no problems doing the dirty on their homeboys either. Who is or isn’t cheating on his girl. Who’s not loyal. Who’s blah blah blah… It’s an epidemic.


Obsessional Selfies


Duck lips. The Obligatory bathroom selfie. You know, the standard selfie shots? I’ve seen many memes floating around mocking some of our favorite selfie poses…. but there’s a new selfie contender in town and he’s coming for the crown. It’s near impossible to scroll through Instagram nowadays without stumbling across a few ott selfies. You know what I’m talking about; The “Hey girls – what do you think of my _ six-pack?” shot. Or maybe it’s the “It’s late at night and I’m fast asleep – but who the hell’s taking the selfie if I’m fast asleep?” shot. Perhaps it’s the “My best friend is a rapper and here’s proof of it because we’re standing next to each other outside a club/festival” selfie.

The guys are getting it in too! Not a criticism. Just saying.


Being Overly Emotional/Crying In Public


Remember the days when you knew that at some point in his life, your dude/male best friend/ brother probably cried but you couldn’t say for sure because you’d never actually seen him crying with your own eyes? Well, you no longer have to wonder! In 2015, the metrosexual male has absolutely no problem shedding teams on the Gram. A long, drawn out, essay-like outpouring of emotion on Facebook? In 2015, that’s no problem. My entire point can be wrapped up in a singular tragic event we had the fortune/misfortune of watching unfold over the Internet. Meek Mill VS Drake. Case and point.


Make Up


No longer just for actors/entertainers, etc. There are actual makeup lines dedicated to men. It’s a thing now. Concealer. Foundation. Men even rock mascara and eyeliners without batting an eyelid (pun totally intended). Equal rights should work for both genders, and if a guy wants to leave the house looking flawless, now he can without having to shop in the ladies section and being humiliated. Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, and Clinique are just a few examples of brands that have rolled out cosmetics for the male sex. The lines are more geared towards concealments and evening out uneven skin tones etc. than ‘making up’ a man’s face. I’m going to go ahead and mention the spray on hair too. That’s practically makeup and men of all shapes; sizes and race have their fill. And don’t even get me started on the bleach!


Hair Extensions/Skirts, etc.


A few years back, I was in the hair salon having some Janet Jackson braids put in. A guy walked in to have his hair put in cornrows. I was flabbergasted when he pulled out several bags of hair to be weaved in with his. Hair extensions are like, a regular thing now. Some men do crave length and will spend a few dollars on a hairpiece to get it.

Are they skirts of kilts? Is that a long dress or an extremely long vest? There have been countless times where I’ve tried to figure out whether the guy in front of me was wearing a loose pair of leggings of a tight pair of jeans. Women do not have the monopoly on these things anymore. We no longer have to endure the dreaded ‘horse hair’ joke because whether we know it or not, there are probably just as many men out here rocking a cool weave themselves.



Equality LIVES people.