Future is back like…

Monster. Beast Mode. 56 Nights. It’s an elite run of free music, quite possibly the best we’ve seen in the 2010’s. It brings back memories of Lil Wayne‘s 2007. The build-up has been phenomenal, and it will culminate in Friday’s release of Future‘s new album, Dirty Sprite 2, which will sport at least a Drake feature and a newly released single, “Blow A Bag.”

In light of the announcement, Future teased at a documentary releasing in parts this week, and we’ve been treated to the first installment of Like I Never Left, featuring a series of interviews with Elliott Wilson that help Future bring viewers into the less-talked about depths of his mental, including a fascinating tidbit about the waning moments of his relationship with Ciara.

Me and Mike Will, we’d finished that album, the album before the one she just dropped. And she ain’t want us to be a part of it at first. I was like ‘damn, we just came off a #1 and you go straight to Dr. Luke? And start working with him and you go right back to the pop lane after you get a little steam. We shouldn’t do that, we should just finish what we started. You know what I’m saying, go back into that “Body Party” lane, give the fans what they want. That’s what they want from you. Just give them that and let it cross over to pop. Instead of trying to chase that crowd.

Watch the full episode above, and get ready for part 2.

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