2015 NBA Draft

Lives were changed one announcement at a time. New fans were being lost and gain one pick at a time. The warm up to what appearing to be a pretty wacky but entertaining free agent season, the 2015 NBA Draft was eye opener for more reasons than one. How so?! let’s begin with America’s favorite team to laugh at…..your New York Knicks. After the Sixers throwing the last low blow by drafting Jahlil Okafor, Phil Jackson didn’t fail to disappoint fans once again with the latest selection of Kristaps Porzingis. The reaction said it all, another terible Knick pick as the draft day woes continues. Even Carmelo Anthony was ticked off at the front office. He later on came out and expressed how pleased he was about the selection but let’s be real Melo…..Phil dropped the ball for you. But then again….he might haven’t. Porzingis is a 7’0 forward who has the athleticism to throw it down on your favorite defender and can knock down from long range. A walking 20 and 10 baller, this pick may work out for the new and improve Knicks as they need something to calm down the anxious, low patient Knick fans. Despite Luke Ridnour becoming a NBA journey man within a span of 24 hours, this year’s draft has the potential to be a memorable one. With Towns bring length to Minnesota, I believe my favorite pick of the night came at#2 when the Lakers chose D’Angelo Russell. Standing at 6’3, Russell has all the intangibles to deebo Kobe Bryant as the new franchise name in tinseltown. Outstanding three point shooter, great rebounder and magnificent passer, Russell already got the on court talent to get it done while enhancing his already swaggy personality off of it. After all, he wears #0 because he feels no one can’t guard him. Watch out Swaggy P, the young fella out of Ohio State is ready to take the league by storm and have the social media tweeting faster than a Iggy Azalea gibberish vine rhyme. Hit it Iggy!