Game 6 of 2015 NBA finals (Cleveland Cavaliers Vs. Golden State Warriors)

The icing on the cake to one of the most memorable season performance the basketball ever seen was put on display as one squad was able to stick to their “bread and butter” in which it helped them end the curse. 40 years of a long drought finally put the rest. 40 years of Oakland not getting the chance to experience a NBA championship as officially ended. 40 years of talks of past great Warrior teams who could’ve, should’ve , would’ve have been laid to rest all thanks to the young run and gun squad out shooting suckas to a NBA title. Golden State’s 105-97 win over Cleveland is a friendly reminder to all fans that team work definitely makes the dream work. Finals MVP Andre Iguodala prove to fans the craft veteran still got it, doing a outstanding job knocking down threes, making big plays while giving LeBron James hell every time he got the ball. In speak of Bron Bron, shout out to the King for almost being able to live out Big Sean’s song on his Dark Sky Paradise. After all, when you got J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert shooting 35-120 between game 5 and 6, James had to do the impossible and attempt to become that one man who change the world we see how basketball is played forever. Hopefully with the return of a healthy Anderson Varejao ,Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving ,we should be seeing the Cavs making another appearance on the basketball’s biggest stage. Until then, congratulations goes out to Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. Big ups to for flexing on the court with his series clinching triple double performance and off it as you can see below.

Draymond Green