In a city full of coal, Far Rock discovered it’s Diamond… Let’s get familiar!

Recently I came across this video on the gram and was impressed beyond words can describe.  Queens emcee/songstress, Diamond Velasquez briefly chops it up with me and let’s me into her world.

Since her early years, Diamond already knew one of her biggest aspirations in life was to sing.  Immensely influenced and lifted by the late Maria Velasquez, her mother, who was the lead singer in her church’s choir, it was only right for Diamond to follow in her heroine’s footsteps.  She stresses that although she cites the legendary Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans as sources of inspiration, the influence of her mother is unparalleled.  Not only does she sing though, ya girl got BARZ!

Growing up in Far Rockaway, Queens, she constantly remained involved in many activities, doing what she lives for.  She also states that finding desire and motivation to sing comes easy due to her great support system of family and friends who encourage and fuel her dream.  At only 22, Diamond V is anticipating the release of her mixtape, Brilliant Gem, and with her head held high, she’s determined to make her dreams reality.

I support you to the fullest and think you’re dope as hell girl, keep rhymin, shinin and stylin.  Make sure you follow Diamond and look out for Brilliant Gem coming soon!

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