Now you know momma always told you – play with fire and you will get burned!

Tessanne Chin sings from the soul on her new track “Fire”. The song, produced by Justice League, and co-written by Balewa Muhammad and Perry Mapp, is reminiscent of 70s R&B and Funk music. Chin tells Billboard that the essence of the track is empowerment-

“It’s a soulful power anthem and a reminder to never sell yourself short,” Chin tells Billboard, “to keep your standards high as well as your self-worth.

The Voice winner has been laying low since the ending of season 5, but absolutely blows fans away with the unexpected “Fire”. Her irrefutable talent truly shines through on the song as she belts out the lyrics “Shame on me because my eyes were closed, and you gon’ have to live with the life you chose but that’s alright I suppose. I burned all your clothes, yes I did. Ya playin with fire!”

“Fire” gives off a genuine feel-good carefree vibe and Tessanne explains that the energy was spot on during the creative process.

“The whole experience of creating and writing this song was just so organic and real,” Chin explains. “It took me back to the music and an era that I absolutely love and respect.”

We guarentee you’ll be singing this tune all day. “Fire” is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. Take your first listen here!