VFILES announced a new music initiative called VFILES LOUD! It is working to discover the internet’s best unknown artists and provide a global platform to showcase their work.

Until May 29, artists interested in participating can upload their original sound and images to VFILES.COM/LOUD within five genres: pop, electronic, R&B, Rock and Hip-Hop. Once submissions are closed, the VFILES team in partnership with a panel of prestigious mentors, review each submission based on three factors: marketability, sell-ability and creativity. Mentors participating in the selection process include: Deputy Editorial Director of MTV, Richard Turley; Senior Director of Music and Talent Programing at MTV, Yomi Desalu; CEO of Fools Gold Records and globally recognized DJ, A-Trak; and celebrity stylist, Akeem Smith.

One winner will receive:

  •          VFILES directed music video
  •          World premier video release on MTV
  •          Epic screening party for the winner’s music video on June 22nd
  •          Single will be released by Fool’s Gold Records


The Fashion company also launched its 2.0 platform.

Key features include:

–          Personalized “shop” functionality so every user can sell their work

–          Direct messaging functionality so users can communicate within the platform

–          Integrated hashtags and handles so all content – owned or user generated – is tagged and filed into the relevant profile

–          Plus, the site is now optimized for mobile