The legendary R&B songstress Mariah Carey is proving she is taking music to “Infinity!”

The new MC track that just dropped features Mariah Carey bringing a breath of fresh air from the 90s with her airy falsetto and the extensively high pitched notes we’ve missed so dearly. The lyrics reinforce that Carey still holds the crown for heartbreak recovery tracks; you can almost assume shots are being fired at ex-hubby Nick Cannon.

“Close the door/ Lose the key/ Leave my heart on the mat for me,” she declares on the chorus. “I was yours eternally/ There’s an end to infinity.”

With nearly two decades of timeless hits, the “Butterfly” singer reunited with CEO Antonio “L.A” Reid for the preparation of her greatest hits album, conveniently titled Mariah Carey #1 To Infinity. The complete compilation of the Mariah Carey #1 To Infinity album features all 18 of Carey’s number one Billboard hits and drops May 18th on Epic Records/ Columbia Records/Sony Legacy. Take a listen to the new single “Infinity” above!

-Tia Long (@bytialong)