“April Showers bring May flowers” has to be the realest thing I have ever heard. This phrase is actually true because anyone who knows the weather here on the East coast can surely tell you how April weather is.  The sun shines brightly for ten minutes and next is a rain showers that destroys the fun for just simply ten minutes. But within those ten minutes your denim is soaked and the blue dye bleeds to your all white kicks. This is an excruciating pain that I can honestly say I have been through. But there is a cure for this, we have here the best waterproof gear that will fight against the brutal “April Shower.”  From Japanese brand Rain Man boots, to water resistance jeans these items will have you dry and looking your best. Don’t worry we know how to keep you looking 100 on the most rainiest days of the season.

-Aquil Small

ruwp8ue6zw2xtyk93uz6 Stutterheim Raincoats Beppe Buckethat, $135, available at stutterhein.com

People Footwear Phillips, $60, available soon at peoplefootwear.comPeople Footwear Phillips, $60 available soon at peoplefootwear.com

goy75esw8zcsffahhh3i Outlier Slim Dungarees, $198 available at outlier.com


ef5bsio7whzijw9cucywNorse Projects Isak Nylan Rucksack, $195 available at norseprojects.com

yao80ylhkudvtkcnwxgo Filson Mackinaw field watch, $625 available at filson.com

tmvh5k9u2pjojfoosuj7RainMan Dustin Boots, $310 available at noblebarian.com