Jada Pinkett Smith is asking if we are jumping the gun for Clinton because she’s a woman?

Actress and philanthropist Jada Pinkett Smith has been known for her very outspoken and firm stance on issues that affect women and Blacks. With the recent announcement of Hillary Clinton‘s run for office, Pinkett raised some very interesting questions. Pinkett penned an open letter on Facebook addressing her thoughts on the matter

The only question I have been asking myself is if I’m suppose to vote for Hillary because she is a woman? Will she take us to the mountaintop with her or will women of color once again be left out and left behind?”

In the letter, she explained, the separatism between White and Black women during the Woman’s Suffrage Movement and the fear that if Black women are involved the movement won’t be successful. She mentions that although years have passed, not much has changed.

I personally suffered the racism and classism of the feminist movement and now have had to watch my daughter battle even ageism as she journeys to participate in the feminist movement. But she continues to fight the good fight referring to herself as a feminist while her mother refers to herself as a womanist who supports feminism and feminists.

Running for the president of this country, Clinton will need to consider these obstacles and all women of color should understand that putting a female in office doesn’t automatically fix the problem of equal rights for all women. 43-year-old Jada closes the letter by asking,

Can Hillary, whether she becomes President or not, heal the broken political ties of the women of this nation? I know it takes far more than the idea of being the first female President of the United States to run this country, but as a woman it sure is an exciting idea. Women of color and white women have been taking on the majority of their fights on the political platform on separate lines; can Hillary Clinton change that legacy through her journey to become president? Because if she can…she would not only have my vote…but she would have my heart.

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-Tia Long (@bytialong)