Mighty Healthy Collabs With Redman for 4/20 Capsule Collection


4/20 is three days away and who other better to collaborate with for the Mighty Healthy 4/20 collection than Mr. Redman himself. Mighty Health reveals “The High Standard” collection with Redman. The capsule celebrates the love for hip-hop and the weed future respectably since the capsule is called the ‘420’ collection. The capsule is featured within jerseys, T-shirts, snap bucket hats and snap backs. What re your thoughts on the capsule? Make sure to leave your comments on our Twitter or Facebook. The collection is currently available at Might Healthy’s webstore. Check out more images of Redman in the capsule below.


redman-x-mighty-healthy-420-capsule-collection-3 redman-x-mighty-healthy-420-capsule-collection-2


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