The move that was made 4 years ago that introduced the world to the college basketball icon known as Kemba Walker

As conference tournament is under way, it is only right to take some time to pay homage to one of the insane crossover step back moves to ever be perfected in college basketball history. On this very day in 2011, UCONN guard Kemba Walker had Pitt forward Gary McGhee on skates as he was able to knock down a game winner that would send his Huskies squad to the next round. Little did America know that this same step back move was just the start of a historical, epic run that resulted in the Bronx native leading his UCONN Huskies to a Big East tournament title and NCAA National Championship. The former Rice High School stand out went on to be drafted number 9 overall in the 2011 NBA Draft by Michael Jordan‘s owned Charlotte Bobcats (who are known called the Hornets). Walker is currently the starting point guard for the Hornets and he is still having people go crazy from embarrassing defenders night after night while hitting some tough game winners. Check out the video that had ESPN go bananas and still have the college basketball world in awe from the way McGhee just stumble back in such Teyana Taylor like form.


Omari White

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