You messed with the Pac-Man, you messed with us all….says Purefoods Star Hotshots

There’s a saying, choose your words wisely. It can be applied to any and every situation life throws at you, even in the sports world. But when you tend to run off at the mouth, the choices of words you used can make you pay at the end of the day. A good example of this is Daniel Orton. Orton is a former Kentucky Wildcat who was the 29th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft. The former Magic draftee was signed to the Purefoods Star Hotshots, a professional basketball team thats apart of the Philiipines Basketball Assocation just 3 days after putting up a double-double in his debut. Now, as of today, Orton was released by the Hotshots due to the jabs he threw at boxer and basketball player/coach Manny Pacquaio.

The “Pac-Man’s squad, Kia Carnival went up against Orton’s Hotshots squad and after the game ended, Orton went to Twitter to joke about how terrible Pacquaio game was. Orton tweeted “Professional boxer, yeah, okay… professional basketball player, no. It’s a joke.” Those words cost him a fine of over $5,000 by the PBA and the Hotshots releasing the forward. In case you wondering was this statement as serious as it needed to be, check out what Purefoods executive said. The executive came out and said this

Everyone is angry at him… it is like he went to the United States and insulted the name of Martin Luther King.

After hearing about the news, Orton took to Twitter to release a statement on what happened.


Moral of the story folks, watch what you say via Twitter and don’t talk crazy about Manny. If you do, be prepared to be dealt with accordingly, because the good people of the Philippines don’t mess around when it comes to their Pac-Man.

-Omari White

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