“NBC is not the only thing I’m comin on tonight.”

No Grammy award for Childish Gambino this year, but with a TV Show in the works, he may be on the way to joining Drake as Hip Hop’s second resident emcee/actor.

Gambino’s recently dropped the  S T N M T N (Stone Mountain, Atlanta) mixtape, which follows Glover as he dreams of running Atlanta. As the mixtape reaches its conclusion, and Glover gets closer to awakening from his fantasy, he rhymes,

“They want the old Bino, so they try to rewind, the new Bino’s too ahead of his time” –Childish Gambino, Candler Road

Gambino’s new TV Show “Atlanta” is slated to premiere this year on FX, maybe his dream isn’t too far from becoming a reality. The show will ideally give Childish the platform to establish himself outside of 140 characters and a mixtape.

Nevertheless, Glover’s profile has certainly heightened since the release of Because the Internet, resulting in a nomination for Best Rap Album this year. But hip hop fans have likely given up on the Grammy’s as a true measure of an artist’s work, a Childish Gambino win for Best Rap Album over Iggy Azalea’s The New Classic would’ve been a historical moment for the category. But older, out of touch Academy Voting Members voted “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” the winner for the category. Following last years upset over Macklemore’s win, it would’ve been triumphant to see the award go to an album as innovative in its execution, scope, and vision as Because the Internet. Whether he deserved it or not is of no matter. It was just a joy to see an album like Because The Internet nominated in the first place. And not winning a Grammy might be at this point a sign of having a great album — at least in Hip Hop —so there.

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