One of the greatest vintage Michael Jordan Ads will air this weekend.

It’s been twenty-three years (convenient right?) after the “Be Like Mike” jingle was the song in every young sports fan’s head, and now Gatorade is bringing it back for the brand’s 50th anniversary.

The commercial, which first ran in the late summer of 1991, after the Bulls won their first of six titles, will run again, after being digitally remastered, on the All-Star broadcasts this weekend.

The commercial features a 29-year-old Michael Jordan playing with kids, with Gatorade’s original lyrics and catchy tune in the background.

“You can call me Mike, Michael or Air,” Jordan said, when asked about the abbreviation of his name. “I’ll get used to it.”

Back in 1991, Jordan signed a 10 year, 13.5 million dollar deal with Gatorade.  The commercial’s music was such a hit that it ran on radio stations. Gatorade even made the single available and sold 100,000 copies at $4.95 each.

Gatorade was invented by four doctors at the University of Florida in 1965. They have made more than $600 million for the trust that takes a piece of Gatorade’s royalties and nearly $250 million for the University of Florida.

Watch it here:

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