Your daily Kanye West fill, right here

Kanye West is probably the busiest man in the entertainment industry right now. If that’s false, it certainly appears to be true. Performing in Los Angeles, performing at the Grammys, interrupting the Grammys, ranting to E! about why he interrupted the Grammys, giving away sneakers at airports, toying–yes, you read that right–with paparazzi at said airports, leaking picture of his Yeezy 750 boost shoes, preparing to release said YeezY 750 boost shoes this week in New York City, making new music, preparing his and Big Sean’s albums. What kind of schedule is that?

Anyway, some paparazzi got incredibly hilarious footage of one of these events–Kanye at the airport–and chances are you’ll laugh out loud. He runs into a hype beast while exiting the airport, and dares him to throw away his all-red Nike sneakers in exchange for a free pair of his brand new Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost shoes. Sure enough, Kanye has his assistant take the kid’s information before he heads out. Also, a paparazzi who either has no clue who he’s interviewing, or purposely trolled West to elicit the perfect reaction, asked Kanye if he’s trying to get into the fashion industry.

Do you see this coat?!?