The rugged 305 rep is riding around, getting it

Late last year, we premiered Eskeerdo‘s “Hurting Feelings,” a record designed to do just as its title suggests.

The record comes with an incredibly catchy chorus, and a very distinct flow that would suggest Eskeerdo is a regional transplant–”Hurting Feelings” is void of the speaker-breaking slow-hitting bass that makes up the majority of Miami music–but the finished product is better off for it; Eskeerdo’s lyrics are the highlight of “Hurting Feelings,” not kicks and snares.

Today, we’re more than happy to bring you the visual representation of the Miami-native’s latest banger, and be prepared for more records like this in 2015. Derick G behind the lens, and the decorated Infamous behind the boards. We initially said this was entrance music, but the video makes one thing clear. It’s time to ride out.