You wanted him to speak, right? @Media @Journalists @Reporters

Marshawn Lynch has been stonewalling the media for the better part of the past 2 months, and today, in day 3 of NFL Media Day, he finally opened up to the cameras and reporters that surrounded him, and in hindsight, we’re pretty sure the same reporters that have been upset with Lynch all week for dishing out one-word answers and silence would’ve preferred that today instead of this rant. In just under 5 minutes, Lynch lectured the media about his consistent silence, and expressed disbelief that he still had to play this game of charades with them, despite the way he’s acted. He also went on to invite one of the reporters to “them inner cities” that he goes to when he does charity work if said reporter would really like to get an in-depth look into that. You can read a transcript of the rant below, and check out the full video clip here.

All week I done told y’all what’s up. And for some reason, you continue to come back for the same thing. I don’t know what story y’all trying to get out of me. What image you are trying to portray of me. But it don’t matter what y’all think, what y’all say about me. When I go home at night to the same people I look in the face, to my family that I love, that’s all that matters. So y’all go make up whatever you want to make up, because I don’t say nothing for you to make out on. But I’ll come to your event, y’all shove cameras and microphones down my throat. But when I’m at home, in my environment, I don’t see y’all. But y’all mad at me. And if y’all ain’t mad at me, then what’re y’all here for? … I don’t have nothing for you. I told y’all that, so you should know that. But y’all sit here and continue to do the same thing. I’m here preparing for a game and y’all want to ask me all these questions, which is understandable, I can get that. But I told y’all I’m not about to say nothing. I’m here. I’m available for y’all. I’m here. I done talked. All of my requirements are fulfilled. So for these next three minutes, I’ll just be looking at y’all the way y’all be looking at me.