The Viacom-owned cable network getting ready to premiere the Hip Hop centered drama based on a book titled The Big Payback

The cable giant VH1 is going to premiere a drama with the option to become a series based on Hip Hop and the business side of the industry, according to Hollywood Reporter.

The Breaks, which is the proposed title of the drama, is based on a book entitled The Big Payback: The History Of The Business Of Hip Hop, which was written by Dan Charnas, a former writer at The Source. His writing is based on 40 years of involvement in the industry coupled with over 300 interviews with everyone legally and illegally involved in the business of Hip Hop.

The storyline of The Breaks follows the lives of three friends, David, DV ,and Nikki, and their undying love for the Hip Hop culture. Set in the 90s era of the Rotten Apple, the criminal and undesirable elements of the streets blended into a perfect camouflage, which props the stage for a scene from a movie at every turn.

Following up on the success of The TLC Story: Crazy Sexy Cool and Drumline: A New Beat, The Breaks will be VH1’s third music-themed series and is scheduled to premiere this fall.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)