This guy is ridiculous

Kemba Walker‘s 2014-2015 single-play highlights might be among the best in the league. From his jaw–and ankle–dropping crossovers and buzzer-beating shots, he is one of the few highlights that the Charlotte Hornets, who are having a wholly disappointing season thus far, can point to.

Last night, Walker showed off some more of those late-game talents in a showdown at home with the New Orleans Pelicans, the very team that used to be known as the Charlotte Hornets. With the game tied, Walker dribbled the clock down at the top of the key, then made his move to the far sideline, at which, after getting fouled, he managed to get up a shot that arced perfectly over the defender, hit sweetly off the glass, and fell straight through the net–a potential three-point play he would complete soon after.

Charlotte’s still got a lot of work to do to be a contender in the East, but it appears that they’ll be okay if they stick with Kemba.