Have you ever wondered what it’s REALLY like working side by side with Puff Daddy?

Marilyn Van Alstyne has been doing it since 1995.

Van Alstyne started out as a summer intern with Bad Boy after hearing Puff pitch his needs for interns on the airwaves of New York City’s Hot 97. Jumping on the opportunity, homegirl picked up the phone and made it do what it do baby!

It’s been hard work ever since. Hard work, but fun in the process.

A true fan of music, Van Alstyne transformed her love of music into a full time job with the company in 2002 after graduating high school. The Queens, NY native credits being in the right place at the right time and the advantage of being mentored by one of the greatest in the business—Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy—whatever he’s calling himself these days!  “I went to the school of Sean Combs,” Van Alstyne tells The Source. “I got my Master’s Degree in it.”

“He’s the best teacher in the world. It’s no easy feat to work with someone who is building their empire, their vision—and they’re taking calculated risks. You have to be on the same wavelengths as him.”

Now Vice President of Operations and Planning for Combs Enterprises, marketing is a huge part of what Van Alstyne does. A trusted advisor and go-to person that handles the day-to-day operations of Revolt TV, Sean John, Blue Flame, Bad Boy Records and Combs Wines & Spirits. She plays a hands-on role in developing company culture and working with some of your favorite stars like Rick Ross, Fabolous, French Montana and Meek Mill.

Working in a male-dominated field, Van Alstyne encourages young women that one day hope to do what she does to manage their time effectively. “You don’t want to wake up one day in your forties and regret the decisions that you made in your twenties,” she said.

“You can always start over in your forties, but you might want to challenge yourself to do something new every day—even the things that scare you.”