It’s never ‘just Twitter’

Kobe Bryant is one of the best basketball players ever, and with that kind of status, one can imagine he’s developed a pretty serious fan base. Serious enough to drive to another town on Christmas and fight because someone on Twitter disagreed with one of his fans? Better believe it.

Yesterday, on what was supposed to be one of the most jolly days of the year quickly became one of agitation for Mr. MyTweetsRealAF, who was initially visibly upset because he felt people only thought a team was better without their star player when the Lakers were without Kobe.


Well, that escalated quickly now, didn’t it. If you think it stopped there, you’re sadly mistaken. This happened next.

Well, unfortunately for Mr. MyTweetsrealAF, he didn’t realize that Mr. SnottieDrippen (hilarious name) wasn’t actually in San Diego, he was in Arizona spending the holidays with his mother. So, when he drew nearer to what he believed was going to be the brawl he so eagerly wanted to have with Drippen, he sent these, quite literal, status updates.





There you have it folks. Watch what you say on Twitter, or your door might get kicked in. Consider this your official warning.

UPDATE: Of course, because the internet is such an amazing place, Amin Elhassan made a “Drive to Temecula” reference about this very “fight” on Sportscenter this morning. Thank you 2014.