Bill O’Reilly shows a bit of compassion in Eric Garner case.

For over a decade, Bill O’Reilly has been a staunch right wing Republican that has consistently been at odds with many prominent African-Americans in the media, vilified all things pertaining to Hip-Hop culture and sided with Caucasians in nearly every racial issue, regardless of the facts. O’Reilly is often characterized as being a racist due to his views and overall ideologies but that just may be shifting a bit. Last night, during his show on Fox News, O’Reilly weighed in on the Eric Garner situation and his stance was a bit surprising considering his past.

Bill O’Reilly prefaced his statements by highlighting Garner’s criminal history and insinuating that his health issues may have contributed to his death. Though he failed to mention that officer Daniel Pantaleo, the man who applied to the chokehold, has been reprimanded and sued on more than one occasion for negligent behavior while on duty. With that said, O’Reilly did not mince words when he gave his thoughts:

Upon seeing the video that you just saw and hearing Mr. Garner say he could not breathe, I was extremely troubled. I would have loosened my grip”. All Americans, everyone of us should pity Mr. Garner and his family. He did not deserve what happened to him”.

Though he gave his 2 cents on the matter, O’Reilly did not elaborate on whether he felt officer Pantaleo should have been indicted.  Regardless it’s definitely not what many would expect from the infamous O’Reily.