Admit it! On Thanksgiving you sat on the couch and watched football most of the day and didn’t know what the heck was going on.

That’s okay. You didn’t miss a ton.

All you need to know to get by tomorrow at work is that on Thursday the Philadelphia Eagles pummeled the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers were no match for reigning Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks.

Moving forward, you may want to know more than just who won and who had the flyest touchdown dance.

Do you know what  a first down is? Did you know Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel got his first career touchdown today? Why  does a referee throw a yellow cloth and yell 15 yard penalty at the top of his lungs?

To that we turn to Adena Andrews and her Sports In The City consortium. In a world where men are stereotypically conditioned to love sports and are inducted into a society that most women don’t know exist, many women are looking for every advantage in this man’s world.

Tomorrow Sports In The City hosts a full-fledged Q & A and info session for women on football at Clyde Frazier’s Restaurant  in New York City. While in attendance, the women’s only event that runs from 6:30 PM -8:30 PM will allow the ladies to hear about sports first hand from the people who cover them, while enjoying a few hours of sisterhood and cocktails.

NFL Pro Bowler Tony Richardson will be speaking and helping women learn about sports while helping them add another tool in their arsenal of awesomeness.

Andrews, a respected rising sports journalist noticed the need for something of that sort and in turn created a fun, judgment-free environment where women can ask all the questions that they have wanted to ask about sports but were afraid to do so.

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