To “protect his fellow officers”

Darren Wilson is more than likely the most-hated man in America, and until yesterday, there was a decent chance that he would be returning to the active line of duty as a Ferguson police officer. However, according to a CNN report, that has all changed.

The entire country–especially the state of Missouri–is bracing for a the verdict in Wilson’s case, on which a grand jury will convene today, and a decision could be made as early as Sunday as to whether or not Wilson will be charged with a crime in connection with the shooting death of Michael Brown. According to the Washington Times, should Wilson walk away from these court proceedings scot-free, there’s a good chance he will resign his position in order to “pave the way for peace in his community,” but the same may not be true if he’s indicted next week.

To go a bit further, according to CNN, Wilson is already negotiating his resignation, as per this tweet from Anderson Cooper 360.