On Friday, November 7 2014, MAC Cosmetics threw a party at Indochine to celebrate its 30th anniversary.


Indochine is a popular Vietnamese restaurant. As we walked into the party, attendees were getting their photos taken on the red carpet. Most of the guests were seated, having conversations while the waiters and waitresses walked around serving drinks and finger foods. The aura of the party exuded sexiness. The restaurant was filtered with red lighting and the servers also walked around in masks and very skimpy clothes; sort of like burlesque dancers. They served Vietnamese ravioli, summer rolls and shrimp, which tasted heavenly.

After a while, the restaurant began to get filled up with people including celebrities like Brian Atwood, Brad Goreski, Jenna Lyons, Alexandra Lyons and more. It was time to take over of the dance floor, which featured a lot of 80’s music like Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson and more. Everyone got friendly with each other as minutes and hours passed. They danced, sang, drank, socialized and ate. It felt like a nightclub but with better drinks, people, music and entertainment. On the subject of entertainment, the glamorously made up and flamboyant female impersonators stole the show. Their costumes made up an unforgettable aura that made the event one for the books. They performed to 80’s songs and joked around a lot. Even though their sense of humor was a little crass; they did their best to make sure everyone had a good time.

Overall, it was a high energy event filled with good music, good food and pace setters.

-Igee Okafor