Josh Rabinowitz proves to everyone’s surprise that boyishly cute white guys can in fact, be funny. We checked him out at the The New York Comedy Festival 2014.


The show started off with host David Agyekum warming up the crowd with his calm, cool, and collected delivery style.  He started off talking about his experiences in a gay bar and how special the feeling is getting hit on by the guys.  He talked about a plethora of topics such as race, religion, and sexual orientation in a very light hearted way which made him more endearing to the crowd.  Also, he talked about life after graduating college and how much it sucks being an actual adult, which, to be completely fair, adulthood does suck.  He had some great one liners and was a great way to get the night started off.

Following David was Emmy Blotnick who opened up her act with potential stripper names.  This was a great way to start off the show, and to no surprise, everybody in the crowd started to laugh along with the silliness.  Stripper names in general are so creative,why not start off your set with that?  Emmy definitely is a pro and understands that people just love to laugh.  Emmy’s humor is very quirky and witty, which is actually an ideal combination to have when you’re doing standup.  She had some very great jokes such as how her life has been having a roommate that she found off of Craigslist.  She knows how to make fun of herself and she is for sure someone people should check out.

Josh Rabinowitz came on after and was the headliner for the show. Josh  is a 26 year old comedian based in New York City who has recently made his TV debut on “Adam Devine’s House Party” on Comedy Central. He has also been named one of Comedy Central’s “Comics to Watch” and was also a cast member on MTV’s “I Just Want My Pants Back.”  He started off this classy night with a story about how he had a herpes scare, something everyone can relate to.  What was great about this is that he went into great detail about this scare and the process of getting himself checked out.  The audience, of course, loved every bit of it, unsurprisingly.  One of his more memorable jokes was his problem with how people have been gentrifying the term ‘awkward’ and how even the coolest people say they are awkward just so they seem cooler, because the term awkward is now a cool adjective.  Being awkward is not cool, according to Josh, and when people that aren’t awkward say they are awkward, he just wants to scream in their faces that they aren’t awkward and should promptly shut up.  Josh has a very smart and clever humor and his boyish good looks didn’t hurt his performance either.  He was hilarious from start to finish and one thing to make note of is that Josh has masted the art of comedic timing. The crowd didn’t know what twist or turn he would take with his jokes and that made him even funnier.  It is no surprise why he was on Comedy Central’s “Comics to Watch,” because he is such a talented performer.  Be sure to check his new sketch show out “Friends of the People” on truTV.

Overall, the show was a memorable one.  The lineup was hilarious and very relatable and if you have a chance to check any of these talented comedians out, please do!

-Vinesh Vora (@vineshv1206)