That awkward moment when the love being displayed was for you but your name isn’t LeBron James…Ouch, but good try, at least there are fans who…want to be like Mike.

Poor Mike Miller, why did he have to set himself up for disappointment. On Monday, The Cleveland Cavaliers were in action, going up against the Chicago Bulls in Columbus, Ohio. In front of a packed crowd on the campus of Ohio State University, the Cavs defeated Derrick Rose and the Bulls, 107-98. Kyrie Irving led his team in scoring by going for 28 points while King James chipped in for 18 points, playing 31 minutes. Among the moments of this game that stood out was when LeBron was receiving a standing ovation, as he was subbed out with 6:29 left in the 4th quarter. Too bad Mike Miller didn’t get the memo that the fans were clapping for the King as he proudly stood up and waved to the fans as if they was cheering and applauding for him.

I guess since you are a 2 time NBA champion, former NBA Rookie Of The Year and former NBA 6th Man Of The Year, you deserve to receive some love too. After all, the three point specialist played a role in helping Bron Bron winning  two NBA championships with The Miami Heat when they teamed up for one of the toughest and most rockstar-like dynasties in NBA history. It’s safe to say Mikey listened to a little too much of Jay-Z’s ” What More Can I Say” before they stepped onto the court that night. Mike probably felt that he is supposed to be number one on everybody list, We’ll see what happens when his long range jumper no longer exist. Let the game do the talking Mike. It’s time to show the world that at age 34, you still got it.


Omari feels that despite the miscue, Mike is due for a decent season coming off the bench for the Cavs. Expect the former Florida Gator great to get his Drake on and just light it up on a nightly basis.

-Omari White (@SmooveGuyO)