In this tough business called the music industry, artists frequently find themselves lost in the web of “What do I do now?” philosophy.  A young rapper from South Huntington, Long Island seems to have found the perfect formula.  He goes by the name of DEPO.  His incredible live performance caught the attention of Long Island’s premiere recording studio and independent record label, and now the story is evolving at a fast speed.

Dream Maker Studio and Right Hook Music Group funded the EP and assigned their in-house producers, RealName Corwin (Corwin Griffith) and BMC Beats (Nathaniel Simon) to take the lead on the project. They also introduced their Grammy nominated writer, Lem Payne, Jr. to help write on the project. In addition, MIMS, who had his own hit single “This is Why I’m Hot” was featured on the single “Rollin’,” which is creating some buzz and anticipation.

Check out his latest single, “Never Be the Same” and let us know what you think.