His hairline was just straight about a week agooooo

A recent photo of NBA superstar Lebron James hit the internet and it seems like the 4 time NBA Most Valuable Player may have lost valuable touch with the scalp managing game. On September 16, King James made a special appearance for the release of his new Nike Lebron 12 sneakers. The showcase brought positive feedback as many fans anticipate the shoes first release but the main topic of discussion was how improved and crisp Lebron’s hairline was during the event.

Many people believed that the hairline struggle was finally put to rest and the King can finally look forward to not dealing with the hecklers on social media, clowning the 10 time NBA All star’s hairline growing deficiency. But it is safe to say that the entire sports and entertainment world spoke way too soon as Bron Bron’s receding hairline made a speedy comeback during the opening practice of the Cleveland Cavaliers training camp.

Some say the hair treatment was weak, others believe he used the mini “Carlos Boozer” hair paint to cover the areas he was receding in. But whatever the case may be, let’s just hope and pray that he can tighten up this problem before the regular season begins.

New team, new season and hopefully a new hairline would be a clutch three point play for Akron, Ohio legend.



-Omari White (@SmooveGuyO)