This season Guillaume Henry opted for a race car inspired look. Tons of mini leather and printed dresses with bright zippers and patent details were seen at the collection.

The accessories were bold, and the models had a powerful attitude. With a bright yellow catwalk, and Leagues’ “Walking Backwards” playing in the background, the collection had an overall fun essence to it. The accessories that gave the final touch was the delicate fresh looking makeup. In general the whole show had a fresh essence. When it came to the clothes, some of the recurring items we think will become a must wear are the Bermuda suits, the pieces featuring the python looking prints mixed with patent leather and primary colored prints.

The one item that made the entire crowd rush to take a photo was the cutout shoe. Everything from asymmetrical cut out Mary Janes to knee high cutout boots. It was the perfect touch to balance the simple shapes of the clothes.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.06.51 AM

The Source Magazine was invited the cover the beauty look backstage by MAC Cosmetics, where we spoke with lead Nina Haveskamp.

Inspiration: 60’s sporty, fresh, healthy skin combined with a short brow to get that Japanese feeling.

Skin: studio fix fluid only to cover redness not to give a full coverage

Eyes: “force of nature” SS15 around the eye just to give it a hint of color, leave a very sheer finish.

Lashes: curled and brow set clear to add shine

Cheeks: Hang up and Verve & mixing Medium Shine mixed together and apply on the apple of the cheek.Mixing medium shine on top if cheekbones.

Lips: “ample pink” Plush Gloss used on fair skin. “Deelight” Creme Sheer used on fair skin.

Brows: Waterproof Browset “quit brunette” applied to inner 2/3 only of the brow.

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-Estefania Garcia-Correa