If you’re not familiar with the 100s, you’re soul is missing some necessary funk. But it’s not your parents’ funk. The California emcee returns with a new video from his last project, IVRY, that shows him getting beyond freaky with some of his female posse. He gives you a little look at old relationships he’s had with some chicks within his rhymes, namely one who he couldn’t trust because he caught her trying to steal his conditioner. It’s a rough life when your girl is envious of your hair.

Sidenote, after listening to the hook, I didn’t even know there was a soft “f” in the American language, let alone pronounce it. IVRY (9/23) is set for an iTunes re-release so be on the lookout for that.

Directed by: ALEX/2TONE

Bryan Hahn used to be covered in girls who wanted the secret to his long hair, at one point. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).