Ah ah ahh

Its custom, at this point, for Drake to champion a budding street/indie movement and hop on their record.  It does two things.  It helps keep his name hot in the streets when he’s consistently on the hottest record from whoever’s “next”, and it usually propels the artist who’s record he hops on to a level of prominence they hadn’t yet achieved on their own.  Such was the case with Migos, such is currently the case with Makonnen, and concerning people like Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky and several more, there’s always a turning point where the Drake co-sign comes in.

This time around, Bobby Shmurda is the beneficiary.  While Drake hasn’t hopped on his record–there are rumors that Drake will be on the official remix to “Hot N***a”–he certainly brought him out at the Drake VS Lil’ Wayne tour stop in New Jersey a couple nights ago.  There was some cell phone footage floating around, but Shmurda’s team has released the official, HD footage of Bobby’s big night, and you can watch it above.