SWV is back and they are better than ever.

Last season on SWV Reunited, R&B group SWV reunited after 15 years and they were determined to work out their problems and past issues. Coko revealed that she might have breast cancer, but luckily she didn’t have it. They finally met with a manager Jeff Robinson (who used to manage Alicia Keys and Elle Varner). Through it all, the girls managed to balance their music career with their personal lives as they tried to work on their album and deal with Cory (their other manager).

On the season premiere, the group struggled to find a manager and also started working on their new album. During a radio interview, Taj revealed that she suffered from a seizure and battled pneumonia and Cory felt that the girls were taking him for granted because of some of the things they said during the interview. In on scene, Taj and Lelee went to the spa as they relaxed and chilled out. Coko was hesitant about meeting with Marcus because of what happened with their last album and she decided to not sing lead on the new album. The girls also performed for Chef Roble and per usual they did a great job.

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