Y-3 2014 Fall/Winter Qasa Shell – Now Available 



The Y-3 Qasa Shell has always been an unique model among Adidas footwear. Y-3 always comes with a interesting model and a classic silhouette that is fit perfect for workout time and outdoor activities. The shoe is featured in leather with a matching black neoprene-inner sock liner. The toe is contrasted within a white shell toe with small red hints on the midsole and on the tongue. How do you feel about these? Feel free to leave your comments on our Facebook and Twitter. The shoe is now available from Kith Manhattan’s online store at a set price of $400. Check out more images of the Y-3 2014 Fall/Winter Qasa Shell below.



AdidasY3QasaShellBlackRed2 AdidasY3QasaShellBlackRed5 AdidasY3QasaShellBlackRed6 AdidasY3QasaShellBlackRed7 AdidasY3QasaShellBlackRed10 AdidasY3QasaShellBlackRed13 AdidasY3QasaShellBlackRed3

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